Long term pet sitting clients packages include a password protected web page daily log, photos and when possible, a video.  These pages remain on the site as long as Aunt Kit Pet Nanny is your pet sitting service. The protected individual client pages are not visible because it is a password protected link to the page.

Clients receive a tiny URL link to their page and the password in a private email. Each day they can check to see how things are going with their petkids.

Each page has a running diary to see what has happened each day. Photos are downloadable and the videos are posted on YouTube for future access and also to download. Each pet sitting package will have a new diary entry posted on the page.

A typical daily diary may look like the following:

May 31, 2011

All pets were ready to go outside when I arrived. Nothing was disturbed in the house. One pet had an accident but I do not know which one. Of course I did clean it up.  We played indoors quite a bit today since it was rainy outside.  I did take a video.  Fence Races!

Pet photos will be inserted if they are clear images because pets posed for the shot. 🙂

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