I am Your Pet Sitter

Welcome to Aunt Kit Pet Nanny
Hi and thank you for visiting our pet nanny site! I’m Aunt Kit and I’d like to share with you why I got into pet sitting!

In a former life I traveled alot and I relied on my friends, family and neighbors to watch my two cats, Moolah and Tyson. I just felt like a heel asking them to take care of my pets because, well it wasn’t always the most fun part of owning a pet, if you know what I mean. I wanted an affordable alternative to Colorado Springs kennels and pet sitters in Colorado Springs.

I’m a long time pet owner. For years I’ve owned birds, fresh water fish, an iguana, hamsters and guinea pigs, dogs, cats and I’ve even taken care of the school’s pet rabbit on occasion. Each pet has it’s needs and no two pets are alike. I know it is important to take care of my petkids, and I know your petkids are important to you, too. I will work closely with you so we have the best love and care for your petkids while you are away.

By the way, one of my cat clients considers me to be the one and only Colorado Springs Cat Whisperer.  I do understand cats and can often see a goof in understanding cat relationships in a multi-cat home or a cat and dog home that pet owners may overlook. Pointing these out and reasonable solutions, I can often help you restore some peace in your home.

I offer some uncommon services to you as a friend and customer. I offer packages and monthly rates for short or long stays. I am available to be your pet taxi to and from the groomer, vet, you name it!

As a military Veteran, I do offer 10% discounts to local military and civil service employees.

I offer packages and monthly services that can be further tailored to your needs. In addition, I will provide a password protected page on my website with a daily diary, photos and videos (if possible) of your petkids while you are away. This feature has become very popular among my customers. Through your page, you can watch and see your petkids and have some comfort that they are really okay.

Thumbtack Pet Nanny

2011 through 2013 U.S Commerce Association Colorado Springs Pet Sitting Service of the Year!


Auntie Sharon has joined our team. She had pets and misses them dearly. Auntie Sharon just loves giving hugs to the huggie dogs and enjoys your cats, too.  In addition to me doing birds and snakes, Auntie Sharon also knows about caring for these sometimes exotic pets, too. I am so happy Sharon is now a member of our family, and I know you will enjoy her, too!We are all background checked, bonded and insured.


We do vendor shows and travel frequently over weekends. I tried Aunt Kit once with my dogs, Reba and Harley.  Reba needed medication twice a day and Kit made certain she got it. I just loved the service and Aunt Kit is now a part of our family. She will be watching our dogs every weekend we do our business trips! – Peggy D., Rustic Hills

I love the peace of mind Aunt Kit gave me when she took care of my cats. It was the difference between the neighbor kid mowing the lawn and a landscaping company. She was affordable because I would pay twice as much for the service I got. Then I thought I wouldn’t care about the photos and videos But when I saw them, they made a huge difference. I would use Aunt Kit again and recommend her to all my friends!

Aunt Kit is the ONLY Cat Whisperer in Colorado Springs! Her one hour of advice in my home has made a huge difference between my two embattled cats with fewer bloody fights and solutions my cats love. We made little changes and took small actions that have easily restored peace to my home!  – Laura C., Black Forest  Aunt_Kit_Pet_Nanny_Laura__1  Aunt_Kit_Pet_Nanny_Laura__2

Aunt Kit Pet Nanny exceeded all our expectations! The on-line pet diary was terrific and we enjoyed each entry! We laughed at some of the entries because they were so true! The photos, videos and the diary were part of each day of our trip. And, there was no extra work when I cam home! Wow! I will absolutely use Kit in the future! I recommend her to all my local customers and friends.  – Noel & Tracy De Luna, Lunakatz (Bengal cats breeder), Cottonwood Creek

I want everyone to know what an awesome service you provide! Kit walks our four dogs four times a week. They respond better, are much calmer, and we have much fewer indoor accidents! I love the on-line pet diary, too. I can see my dogs are happy! We also are connected on Facebook and keep in touch there, too. – Bonnie V., Gold Hill Mesa

The on-line pet diary was much more than I expected. I saw daily entries with photos and videos of my dogs, Jenny and Lucy. I like the care Kit and Matt give my dogs and the pet diary relieved my worries and concerns. I’ve recommended Kit and Matt to my roommate to take care of his three dogs. – Dave E., Fountain

I found Aunt Kit on Pet Sitters International, Pet Sitter Locator. I think she is a pet guru! My Havanese, Sampson, is usually high strung. He is so ‘chilled out’ after Kit took care of him! – Linda A., Cimarron Hills

I’ve used Aunt Kit several times and I have to say she takes pet sitting to a whole new level of pet service! I love the on-line photos, videos and diary. No one offers that service in all of El Paso County. Then, she sends us text messages and photos while we are away. She lets us know the good and the problems like when our dog broke out of the dog run. She worked closely with us to solve this and any other problems. Finally, she comes in to visit us after we’ve come home to see if there were any issues after we got back into town. She takes full responsibility if there is a problem! What a concept! I recommend Aunt Kit to all our customers!  – Tracy B., Elbert, Furry Friends, Inc.

I don’t travel often but in the past I took my dogs to a local kennel and braced myself for the vet bills afterward. My dogs get so stressed in the kennel that even with the kennel cough vaccine they still get it when they stay there. So I tried Aunt Kit. The service was wonderful and really affordable. Her prices were much less than the kennel and vet bills. And my dogs were really happy! I was really happy! I recommend her to all my friends and neighbors. – Beth B., Monument

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